City of Chicago, Office of Inspector General

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About Us

The mission of the City of Chicago Office of Inspector General (IGO) is to root out corruption, waste, and mismanagement, while promoting effectiveness and efficiency in City government. The IGO is a watchdog for the taxpayers of the City, and has jurisdiction to conduct investigations and audits into most aspects of City government.

In order to fully inhabit its ordinance and better prosecute its mission, the IGO is separated into five sections: Investigations, Legal, Audit & Program Review, Hiring Compliance, and Administration.

Investigation Section

The IGO Investigation Section conducts both criminal and administrative investigations into the performance of governmental officers, employees, functions and programs, and may issue subpoenas in furtherance of its investigations. It conducts these investigations either in response to a report from a City employee or other citizen or on the Inspector General’s own initiative to detect misconduct, inefficiency and waste within the programs and operations of City government.

Audit & Program Review Section

The IGO Audit team conducts independent and professional audits, reviews, and evaluations of the operations of City departments, programs, functions, and those doing business with the City. These engagements focus on the integrity, accountability, economy, efficiency and effectiveness of each audit subject. The Program Review team conducts independent, objective, non-partisan research on the economy, efficiency, and effectiveness of City programs. This includes analyzing the performance of City programs and comparing the costs and benefits of City services. The team’s research and analysis is intended to promote continuous improvement in the delivery of City services and serve as a resource for the City Council, civic and advocacy organizations, journalists, and the public.

Legal Section

The Legal Section was created as part of an internal office reorganization in 2005. The attorneys in the Legal Section are frequently paired with investigators, auditors, and policy analysts to participate in more complex investigations and to help ensure that the investigations produce legally sound results. In disciplinary cases, the Legal Section will draft summary reports that provide the basis of the Inspector General’s recommendations. In criminal cases, the attorneys will work closely with the assigned federal or state prosecutors and will help draft legal documents. Legal is comprised of two Deputy Inspector Generals, four Assistant Inspector Generals, and one Staff Attorney.

Hiring Compliance Section

Hiring Compliance handles the IGO’s responsibility for monitoring the City’s hiring and employment compliance with the law and protocols imposed under the Shakman Accord.