Evelyn's Wildlife Refuge

  • Virginia


2633 Highland Drive
Virginia Beach
United States

About Us

Evelyn's Wildlife Refuge is a nonprofit organization that takes in sick, injured, and orphaned wildlife to rehabilitate with the intent to release back into the wild. Volunteers are vital to our mission by helping us with the property upkeep so we can keep our focus on the 600+ animals we take in a year.

Maybe you need to earn some community service hours for school, a club, or an activities program. Maybe you are court-ordered or wish to show volunteer hours prior to going to a court hearing.

We can accommodate you.

Here are some examples of ways you can earn your hours at the refuge:

Pressure Washing the buildings, cages, enclosures

Weed whacking

Mowing property

Trimming bushes

Inside housekeeping

Flower beds upkeep

Memorial Garden upkeep

Enclosure repairs