Chazen Museum of Art

  • WI

About Us



We collect, preserve, interpret, and exhibit works of art and present related educational programs in support of the teaching, research, and public service missions of the UW-Madison.  We do this because the visual arts enrich individual human experience and because knowledge of art is essential to understanding diverse cultures, past and present.






The Chazen will be a place where people from all walks of life can comfortably come for personal enjoyment, reflection and inspiration.


It will also be a place where individuals and/or groups of people with an interest in understanding the visual arts and learning about their history and cultural context can come to experience original and aesthetically significant works of art face-to-face.


The Chazen will be recognized nationally for its thought-provoking and innovative exhibitions, for its scholarly interpretation of its collections, and for its intellectual exploration of developments in museology.


It will be a place where students of all ages, and drawn from various academic disciplines, will learn about museums, what they are and how they operate, and gain hands-on experience in various aspects of museum work.