MDPH Family Planning Program

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About Us

The Family Planning Program, administered by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health since 1990, promotes and provides comprehensive family planning services for low-income women, men and adolescents. By allowing individuals and families to make choices regarding the spacing and number of their children, and increasing the interval between births, family planning is an integral component of the Department's efforts to prevent unintended pregnancies, reduce infant mortality and morbidity, and improve women's health.

Service Components

The Family Planning Program provides the following services at family planning sites throughout the state.

• Comprehensive family planning services, including complete gynecological and breast exams, cervical cancer screening, diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases, contraceptive supplies including emergency contraception, pregnancy testing, follow-up and referral for identified medical problems, and other preconceptional care. • Individual health education and counseling on reproductive anatomy and physiology, all contraceptive methods, AIDS/HIV, sexually transmitted diseases, all options for positive pregnancy tests, infertility, and other related health concerns. • Outreach and education to local communities and populations. These activities vary with each program but may include classes in schools and community organizations on reproductive health, sexuality, and HIV prevention; training and resources for teachers, health care providers and parents; peer education programs; participation in community coalitions; and collaboration with other organizations serving high risk populations.