The Urban Assembly School for Global Commerce

  • NY


2005 Madison Avenue
New York
United States

About Us

The Urban Assembly School for Global Commerce (UASGC) is a new New York City public school that prepares students for both college and career through innovative and integrated curricula, a cohesive system of student supports and strong industry and university partnerships.

A career and technical high school, UASGC trains students in the field of freight logistics (managing the movements of goods via plane, train, truck and ship, navigating social, political, economic, geographical and meteorological challenges along the way) and supply chain management (the process of efficiently turning raw goods into finished products in consumer’s hands and managing the shipments between), a growing and dynamic industry with innumerable career opportunities for our students.

Our authentic and engaging industry coursework, combined with a well-developed work-based learning program, allow students to make authentic connections outside of the classrooms during their frequent visits to work sites. Students will graduate with industry certification in one of our three pathways, prepared to enter the world of work as highly qualified candidates or continue their studies through two or four year degree programs.