East Los Angeles Performing Arts Academy

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About Us

“We propose to establish a small high school on the Esteban E. Torres High School campus. This innovative new high school will focus on the performing arts, with emphasis on using dance, theatre and music as pathways to academic success for all students…”Public School Choice Resolution Proposal for the 2009-10 School Year EAST LOS ANGELES PERFORMING ARTS ACADEMY at Esteban E. Torres High School

It all started with these first few words written by our now Principal Carolyn McKnight, and shortly after within a few months on Sept. 2010 East LA Performing Arts Academy (ELAPAA) opened its doors. ELAPAA started with a 9-11 grade student body the first year, and performed over 10 Music, Poetry, Plays, and Dance Performances, which included over 70% of our student body as participants. Our first Musical in December of 2010 was the “Nutcracker”, and it will forever hold a special place in ELAPAA History because the school just opened a few months before.

ELAPAA received its 3-year WASC accreditation, and is moving forward with its goals of high academic success, and an education intergraded with the Performing Arts.

Our first Graduating Class of 2012 was beyond special, because many of the students helped create the school by being in the school site council, which hired many of the teachers and our principal. ELAPAA is also extremely proud of Graduating over 90% of the senior class. With close to 30% of our seniors being accepted into a Cal state or UC.

-ELAPAA has been fortunate to have partnered up with L.A. Opera in bringing opera to the East side, and having our students perform in an opera.

-The Academy Award nominated Producer (A better Life) and Director of the film Twilight , did a viewing of the film “A better life” and a symposium.

-The Huntington Library and Gardens a have partnered with ELAPAA, allowing ELAPAA to perform Shakespeare there, and has even granted free access to our students and families.

-So many events and stories to tell and yet to be told.

The best part of all, is that it’s only the beginning…