Committee Representing Our Young Adults (CROYA) @ The City of Lake Forest

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400 Hastings Road
Lake Forest
United States

About Us

CROYA is a youth-driven organization, supported by diverse community resources. The goal of the organization is to help young adults identify and meet their own needs, while learning values and self-worth. The healthy environment promoted by CROYA benefits both our young adults and our communities at large.  

CROYA provides local teens a safe place to gather with friends both after school and on weekend evenings. Today's youth need constructive yet laid back places to "play" and hangout stress free. While at CROYA, youth are surrounded by supportive staff that encourages each student to be their best. Youth can drop in, or decide to get involved in as many CROYA activities as they like. CROYA believes that guiding youth in creating programs of interest not only teaches important life skills, but does so in an inclusive and fun way.

CROYA is open to any 7th – 12th grader living in Lake Forest, Lake Bluff, or Knollwood, no membership fee or sign-up required. 

The Student Union, located at 400 Hastings Road in Lake Forest, is open to students after school from 3:30 - 5:30, Mondays through Fridays, and in the evenings and on weekends for special events and programs.