Camden City School District

  • NJ

About Us

Vision: Our nation will know Camden, New Jersey as a thriving city of world-class public education.

Mission: To ensure that all of Camden’s students have access to an excellent school.


Camden needs dedicated educators with the expertise to provide excellent instruction that matches the excellence of our students.

·       We are committed to ensuring the students of our diverse community receive an education that meets their unique needs – one that supports their growth both inside and outside of the classroom.

·       We are seeking teachers and staff who are passionate about providing all students, including special education students and English language learners, an equitable education and maintaining high expectations for each child in their classroom.

·       We need teachers who are eager to meet a high bar for instruction set by the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards and teach rigorous lessons aligned to the standards. Non-instructional staff members in schools and the Central Office support teachers and students so they can do their best. 

Teaching and working in Camden is an opportunity to make a profound difference for our students and families in a district undergoing an ambitious transformation.

·       Become an important part of the exciting change that is underway in Camden to improve student achievement and make schools dynamic learning environments where students are the focus of every decision.

·       Become a part of our resilient and diverse Camden community with a vibrant history and rich culture. 

·       Be challenged to bring your best work each day in Camden so that you can challenge our community and our students to build new skills, reach their goals, and become leaders.

·       Know that our students are engaged and ready to learn, and our families genuinely want the best possible education for their students.  Communications and relationship-building skills are critical to motivate our diverse student population and build authentic, positive relationships with their families. 

·       Join a small, tight-knit community of schools and seize the opportunity to make a significant impact on students.  Our strongest teachers are leaders who collaborate effectively with their peers to turn around classrooms and schools and change the narrative about what’s possible for education in Camden.

Join us if you’re excited by the opportunity to make a difference in our schools, inspired by our vision for change, and energized by our commitment to our students.