Victim Witness Division Montgomery County Prosecutor's Office

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41 North Perry Street
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About Us

The Victim / Witness Division provides 24-hour crisis-intervention, support and informational services to those affected by violent crime. The Advocates specialize in cases of sexual assault/abuse and homicide; however, they offer a variety of services to other victims and witnesses as well.

We are seeking phone and hospital volunteers. Both are able to volunteer from home as long as they can be reached during their shift by staff. You must be 18+, live within Montgomery county or within reasonable proximity and be able to be at any of the county hospitals within 30-40 minutes from a call.

Phone volunteers: Volunteers will answer 24-hour crisis line for agency after hours, weekends and holidays. Phone volunteer will be supervised by staff member and handle calls from victims of crime who need crisis intervention or have questions regarding the criminal justice system. volunteers will also answer calls from area police agencies and local hospitals calling to report sexual assaults.

Hospital volunteers: Volunteers respond to area emergency rooms to assist sexual assault victims. volunteers work closely with police officers, SANE nurses and hospital staff. Hospital advocates are not required to stay at home as long as they can be reached by staff.