Revere on the Move

  • MA

About Us

Revere on the Move is a joint effort led by the City of Revere and the Revere CARES community coalition. We are led by a community task force and funded by the Mass. Dept. of Public Health with support from Partners Healthcare. Our mission is to increase opportunities for Revere residents to make healthy choices around food and physical activity. Our vision is as follows:

Revere will be a close-knit, bustling community where healthy eating and physical activity are an integral part of everyday life, leading to a reduction in chronic disease rates. There will be strong collaboration among Revere Public Schools, the City and a diverse array of community organizations.

Residents of all ethnic and racial backgrounds and of all income levels access healthy foods at a prosperous farmers market, through a vibrant community growing program, through innovative school food services, afterschool snack and dinner programs, successful neighborhood restaurants and busy corner stores.

Revere residents live active lives, walking and biking across the Revere for recreation and transportation. Revere Beach and a network of urban trails and parks provide safe and easy access to the outdoors. Schools provide students opportunities for physical activity throughout the day.

Revere on the Move provides communication infrastructure that allows information on healthy living to inform decision-makers and reach all sectors of the community.**