Educational Service District 112 (ESD 112)

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2500 NE 65th Ave
United States

About Us

Thank you for your interest in Educational Service District 112. ESD112 is an essential partner in Washington’s education system. As one of nine statutory regional service agencies in the State of Washington, ESDs ensure equitable educational opportunities for all students—urban and rural alike. Headquartered in beautiful Vancouver, Washington but providing services from the beach though the Columbia Gorge, here at ESD112 we support more than 1,200 employees who work collectively with 30 school district to bring quality services to 100,000+ students and their families in the Washington’s southwest region. School districts, community organizations, business and local governments alike count on us to deliver more than 300 different programs and services—ranging from transportation, construction management, and child care to insurance cooperatives, special education, and professional development. ESD112’s programs and services receive state and national recognition and have been replicated throughout the country as examples of innovation and productivity. ESD112 is a great place to invest in your career and contribute to a vibrant community.