Missoula County Public Schools

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215 S. 6th St. W.
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About Us

Missoula County Public Schools serves 8,400 students in seventeen (K-12) schools in Missoula, Montana. The District also provides preschool programs and adult & continuing education.

MCPS Mission

At Missoula County Public Schools (MCPS), our mission is to ensure that each student achieves his/her full and unique potential. (Approved by Board of Trustees 2009)

Five Measurable School District Goals

  • Achievement and graduation for all students, regardless of their circumstances or abilities.
  • Refine and implement a quality evaluation and supervision program for all staff.
  • Define and implement a quality professional development program that encompasses best practices and supports the needs of all staff.
  • Restructure the organization to become more efficient, effective and accountable to support the goals of the district.
  • Cultivate and enhance staff, student, parent, business and community involvement.