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About Us

Our Voice Initiative is a non-profit organization run by a handful of volunteers working towards empowering everyday citizens to restore justice and accountability to American politics. Our aim is to bridge the communicative gap between the majority of lost voters and qualified politicians who seek to represent them. Through common standards and transparency, we intend to transform political parties to work in the best interest of the people, for the things that matter to them.

We are working on building and providing cost-effective tools that don’t charge candidates thousands to access. The Our Voice app will serve to effectively level the political playing field for grassroots candidates by neutralizing the high costs of running a successful campaign in today’s modern age.

We have developed a country-wide Candidate Directory that will be integrated within the Our Voice app. Any candidate can list at no cost - this includes all levels of office. The purpose is to provide the transparency voters desperately need to make the right decisions for their communities and families.

Other resources we are working on include political consulting and support services, alternative media publishing, candidate spotlight interviews, and virtual town hall meetings.

Our Voice doesn’t exactly endorse candidates like other groups, who will be linked to us via our ever expanding alliance network. Our Voice will be providing voters the ability to fully understand their local and national issues and for whom they are actually voting. Grassroots candidates who participate will gain access to information that is otherwise guarded by steep pay-walls.

Our Voice bridges the accessibility and financial gaps between candidates and their potential constituencies by leveling the political playing field.

In the coming months, we expect to continue growing our 50-state volunteer presence while tending to the learning curve that comes with introducing new technology to voters and campaigns.