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About Us

In 2007, in response to concerns about how allegations of police misconduct were being investigated by the Chicago Police Department, the Independent Police Review Authority (IPRA) was created and approved by the City Council. Headed by a civilian Chief Administrator and staffed entirely with civilian investigators, IPRA is an independent agency of the City of Chicago, separate from the Chicago Police Department. IPRA replaced the former Office of Professional Standards.

IPRA performs the intake function for all allegations of misconduct made against members of the Chicago Police Department.

IPRA is directly responsible for conducting investigations into allegations of the use of excessive force, police shootings where an officer discharges his/her weapon and strikes someone, deaths in custody, domestic violence, verbal abuse including bias and coercion. IPRA also investigates allegations of off-duty misconduct relating to excessive force and weapon discharge incidents.

IPRA is charged with the mission of maintaining the highest level of integrity while conducting objective, thorough investigations, striving to reach a sound and just conclusion.

Although IPRA investigations present unique challenges, IPRA conducts thorough and independent investigations addressing every complaint retained by IPRA. Our investigations include but are not limited to conducting interviews and formal statements with complainants, witnesses, accused and witness officers, and the analysis of all forms of evidence including video, forensic and documentary.

IPRA exists for EVERY member of the community and the members of the Chicago Police Department. Its service is structured to promote cooperative relationships of trust and responsibility between citizens and the police.