Zainab Baloch for Raleigh City Council Campaign

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202 N Tarboro St.
North Carolina
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About Us

Zainab Baloch is a young woman of color who is running for Raleigh City Council, a city whose median age is 32 and becoming increasingly diverse each year. While Raleigh has made tremendous amounts of improvements in recent years, there is still a lot left to be done. Zainab is running on a platform for rights of working class folks who are still fighting for humane and respectful working conditions, for transportation that is available and accessible to all of our community, for physical health facilities and fitness resources that meet our communities' needs, and a platform that challenges gentrification and ensures our rights to own homes in low-income neighborhoods.

Local elections impact our lives on a daily basis. Our access to public transportation, the rights of our workers and public employees, and our ability to own homes are all things that fall under local government. With that, we want to make sure our residents in Raleigh are registered to vote and have an opportunity to learn about Zainab Baloch's platform and why she is running for Raleigh City Council. Most importantly, we want to know what issues our community and city is facing and make sure we are listening! One of the best ways to do this is through CANVASSING, but we need passionate volunteers from our community to help!

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