New York City Department of Education, Office of Innovation

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About Us

The Innovation Zone (iZone) is a community of innovative New York City schools committed to personalizing learning. By meeting the needs, motivations and strengths of each child, students will be better prepared for success in K-12, college and career. Across the iZone, schools achieve personalization in a variety of ways based on which ideas, technology and tools work best for their school community.

In iZone schools:

  • Real-time information is used to support each student, evaluating their level at the start of a lesson and charting their progress, so teachers may provide extra help or new challenging opportunities, as needed.
  • Teachers are equipped to provide collaborative learning and cultural exchange opportunities and students are exposed to the real-world through guest lectures, internships and externships.
  • Digital resources supplement a teacher’s instruction, allowing students to take interesting online courses (under the guidance and support of a classroom teacher) that meet their needs, such as college level, credit recovery, elective or language courses.
  • Teachers have more time to plan lessons alone and with fellow teachers to collectively address each student’s needs and create engaging curriculum that will adhere to college
  • and career readiness standards.

The iZone started with 81 schools across all five boroughs of New York City in school year 2010-2011. In school year 2011-2012, that number will more than double to over 160 schools. By 2014, the iZone community will grow to 400 schools.