Seattle Office of Immigrant & Refugee Affairs

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About Us

It is our mission to promote a citywide culture that understands and values the contributions of immigrant and refugee communities.

The Office of Immigrant and Refugee Affairs was created to recognize the importance and need for a strong relationship between the City of Seattle Government and the Immigrant and Refugee communities which it serves. The Office's goal will be to set measurable outcomes to ensure a consistent implementation of principles of social justice issues which include employment, economic development, public health, student achievement, citizenship, public safety, and criminal justice, civic engagement and protection of civil rights.

In order to improve services for the Immigrant and Refugee communities the Office will work in conjunction with other City departments, community organizations and members of the private sector.

The Office will work in partnership with the Seattle Immigrant and Refugee Commission. The Commission is made up of 15 members that reflect the diversity of the immigrant and refugee communities in Seattle. This partnership will help to establish goals and suggest policy creation to tackle any existing and emerging needs of these communities.