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About Us

The Delta Regional Authority works to improve life for the 10 million people who reside in the 252 Delta counties and parishes in parts of eight states. Led by the Delta Regional Authority Board comprised of the Federal Co-Chairman, appointed by the President and confirmed by the U.S. Senate, and the governors of the eight states, the Delta Regional Authority fosters partnerships throughout the region as it works to improve the Delta economy.

In 2000, Congress established the Delta Regional Authority to enhance economic development and improve the quality of life for the hard-working residents of the Delta region. With investments from the States’ Economic Development Assistance Program, which improves transportation and basic infrastructure, workforce training and education, and business development with a focus on small businesses and entrepreneurship, the Delta Regional Authority supports job creation and retention. Additionally, through the DRA supports the health and leadership development of the Delta region's residents and communities through its Healthy Delta Initiative, Delta Leadership Institute, and other partnerships with other federal partners.

The 252 counties and parishes served by the Delta Regional Authority make up the most distressed area of the country. The disparities between the Delta region and the nation as a whole are stark. As defined by the Economic Development Administration, virtually all the counties and parishes in the region are distressed.

Through twelve years of strategic investments in the region, the Delta Regional Authority and its project partners are helping to create and retain more than 41,000 jobs and afford 61,000 families with access to clean water and sewer services. Additionally, DRA investments have helped to train 4,000 individuals for jobs in their area and are projected to reach even more in the coming years.

Every day, the Delta Regional Authority and its dedicated staff work hard to develop programs and make strategic investments to create jobs, build communities, and improve the lives of the people of the Delta region.