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About the DC Pedestrian Advisory Council

The D.C. Pedestrian Advisory Council (PAC) was established in 2010 to serve as the advisory body to the Mayor and Council of the District of Columbia on matters pertaining to the improvement of pedestrian safety and accessibility. The PAC supports measures across the city that will make walking safer, more enjoyable and more convenient.

Membership: The PAC has 18 members:

  • 13 District of Columbia residents with a demonstrated interest in pedestrian safety, appointed by members of the DC Council.
  • One designee from the each of the following five city agencies: District Department of Transportation, Metropolitan Police Department, Office of Planning, Department of Parks and Recreation, and District of Columbia Public Schools.


  • Review existing city policies, practices and processes that affect the pedestrian environment in light of best practices from other jurisdictions
  • Understand research and data analysis on pedestrian issues in D.C.
  • Identify opportunities to support city officials to better address pedestrian issues
  • Develop policy recommendations to the Mayor and the Council
  • Build relationships with organizations with complementary goals
  • Educate, engage with and learn from the public on pedestrian issues