Kurdistan Regional Government Representation in the United States

  • DC


1532 16th St., NW
United States

About Us

As part of the Kurdistan Regional Government's commitment to maintain and deepen its relationship with the United States, the KRG Representation in the United States provides the most comprehensive perspective of the region, its people, and its position within Iraq.

Since opening, the Representation has worked closely with the U.S. administration, Congress, businessmen and women, students, academic experts, the media, think tank scholars, and many more, to provide updates on the latest developments in Iraqi Kurdistan. The office also offers guidance for those planning to travel or work in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

Furthermore, the representation office promotes Kurdish culture in the United States and is an essential first stop for the hundreds of thousands of Iraqi Kurdistan-born citizens who now reside in the U.S., and for those with Kurdish roots. Our cultural outreach program ensures that home villages and provinces are remembered and traditions celebrated. The office also gives our American friends a taste of Iraqi Kurdistan's multi-ethnic and varied heritage through cuisine, traditional costumes, music, dance, and so much more.

Our headquarters, built in 1910, is situated in the historic center of Washington, DC, just blocks north of the White House. Our determination to build deep, positive and lasting mutual ties between the peoples of Iraqi Kurdistan and the United States is testimony to the profound respect the KRG has for its friends in the United States.