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Workforce Development The mission of the workforce development program at Career TEAM is to help individuals become self-sufficient through meaningful, long term employment. The Welfare-to-Work program is designed to assist low income individuals as they move into or return to the workforce. The program includes an educational component, followed by Job Search, and then by employment. Once a student has been placed, she or he remains in the program for 90 days until they have completed their probationary period. The education promotes building key skills and abilities which will help students throughout their careers. Students develop self-esteem through skill identification, self reflection, and goal formation. At the same time, students work on key employment skills such as communication, conflict resolution, and networking skills. In Job Search, students are paired with a job developer who helps them find and follow through with open position leads. The job developer also helps students to design and write more professional cover letters and resumes. The job developers are a valuable resource to our students as they move from theory to practicum. To help our students at all levels, we are developing new tools such as website resources and continuing workshops. The workshops are designed to help students in Job Search build a more advanced skill set.