Free2Succeed Community Mentoring Program

  • Idaho

About Us

Welcome to Free2Succeed where you will be a guiding light for a returning neighbor. Free2Succeed Community Mentoring is a community program sponsored by the Idaho Department of Correction with the goal to reduce recidivism in Idaho. Mentors are paired with a mentee coming out of the prison to be that peer that they need so they can start strong once released.

Unfortunately, many men and women coming out of prison don't have a strong support network when they get into society. With the lack of support it's highly likely they will go back to prison because it's very overwhelming to survive. Imagine going to a completely new country expected to survive on your own. This is what happens everyday in Idaho.

Free2Succeed is a statewide program, and if you're interested in being a mentor you can in your local area.

Let's help our neighbors that are returning by being a mentor to them through helping them with transportation, helping to find a job, or be an ear to hear what they are going through. We all just need someone that cares and will listen. Will you be someone's mentor?