Housing Board

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About Us

The Housing Board is responsible providing educational services to the community as well as make policy and other recommendations to Council on housing issues in Scottsdale. The Board also may:

1. Review current conditions and make recommendations to the City Council regarding objectives for the mix and affordability of housing stock in the City of Scottsdale; 2. With the assistance of city staff, advise the City Council on all housing issues, including but not limited to the following matters: 1. housing grant policies and funding strategies for housing programs; 2. diversity of the housing stock in Scottsdale; 3. funding strategies for housing programs; 4. identification of strategies to address barriers to housing affordability; 5. recommending policies for encouraging housing revitalization and protection of existing housing stock; and 6. other housing-related issues and matters as the City Council may direct. 3. Seek citizen input and provide public education on housing-related issues.