Media Impact and Navigation for Teens (MINT)

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About Us

M.I.N.T aims to open discussion of communication about social media, balance, and mental health in schools across the country.

(Boston, MA) August 24, 2017- Founders of M.I.N.T (Media Impact and Navigation for Teens (MINT) Alexa Curtis and Steve Bisson are getting geared up to travel to new schools this Fall. to spread their message. The goal of the program is to open communication about have discussion of social media and mental health in public and private schools across the country.  The panel has pair have extensive knowledge in the mental health and social media industry. 

Founder Alexa Curtis is a 19-year-old blogger, TV personality, and entrepreneur. During her younger teen years, Alexa herself was bullied and dealt with years of depression and insecurities. She also was a model from age 14 until 16 where she endured many body image and eating issues. Alexa is passionate about what she does now to help teens become more confident and speak more openly about mental health issues. She now travels the world appearing on shows such as Rachel Ray, Fox, and Access Hollywood, where she speaks about fashion and confidence in teens

M.I.N.T.’s other co-founder, Steve Bisson, has worked in several environments, including crisis intervention, as well as the substance abuse disorders community. He has also collaborated at different levels in the criminal justice system. Steve is trained in trauma work and most recently has dealt with counseling teens who struggle with various stressors they see in their daily lives.  

Since being founded in 2016, M.I.N.T has made presentations at schools across the country. Some of these include British International School of Boston, Charles O. Dewey, E.O. Smith, Framingham High School, and many others. They have also been featured on TODAY, Refinery 29, and Rolling Stone magazine.  They are very excited to travel across the country this coming school year and open the discussion with more teens.