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Paso Robles

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About Us

El Paso de Robles, or "Pass of the Oaks", is a community of 30,000 nestled in the coastal mountain range of central California, where the values and riches of the past are interwoven with the future. Located close to mountains, beaches, and deserts, it is home to one of the United States’ greatest wine growing areas and a growing number of hot springs resorts.

Paso Robles is a general law city incorporated in 1889 operating with a Council/Manager form of government. Residents directly elect the Mayor to a four-year term and four Councilmembers at-large to alternating four-year terms. The City Treasurer and City Clerk are also directly elected to four-year terms. The City Manager, appointed by the City Council, is the Chief Executive/Administrative Head of government and is empowered to appoint all non-elected city department heads (with the exception of the City Attorney).

Paso Robles is a full service city with a municipal airport, library and water/wastewater utilities. The library is recognized as having one of the finest volunteer programs in the State, a testimony to the sense of pride and community its residents have. City departments include: the City Managers Office, Administrative Services, Community Development, Emergency Services, Police, Public Works, and Library & Recreation Services. The City has a total of 168 full-time employees and a General Fund budget of approximately $28M with an all funds budget of approximately $50M.