Metro Parks Tacoma

  • WA


4702 S 19th Street
United States

About Us

Metro Parks Tacoma envisions a vibrant, active, and engaged community while creating healthy opportunities to play, learn, and grow!

CHIP IN stands for Citizens Helping Improve Parks! Chip In helps people who want to make Tacoma parks look beautiful and to make them safe, secure, and great.

What we do:

Every Saturday of the month we have work parties at multiple parks around Tacoma.

Why we do it:

The reason we are doing this is to help keep parks clean and safe for use and to also help the parks stay native. Invasive plants and animals will take over the natives and it can lessen biodiversity, loss of habitat for native plants and animals, cost billions of dollars to keep them from destroying fisheries, clogging water pipes, etc. We also want the community to feel safe in the parks.

How we do this:

We have volunteers like you help us remove invasive species, plant native species, help with litter and taking out anything that doesn't belong in the parks. We provide everything you need so you don't have to worry!