24/7 Learning Academy

  • Florida


131 Obrien Rd
Fern Park

United States

About Us

24/7 Learning Academy is a school created for the 21st Century that combines Project-based and Personalized learning, 21st-Century Skills, Entrepreneurship, and Leadership Development to ensure students have the social and technical competencies to be productive global leaders.

OUR MISSION is to prepare students to be thriving entrepreneurs, college graduates, and global leaders of innovation and social justice.

OUR VISION is to create a school environment that ensures access to quality education for all. We aim to harness each student’s strengths and passions to create personalized learning experiences that allow them to develop the skills that they will need to succeed both in college and their careers.

OUR TECHNOLOGY gives us the ability to have both onsite and remote students learning and participating simultaneously within one classroom. Both students and instructors from around the globe can effectively engage in the learning process from any internet ready device, anywhere in the world, in real time.