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About Us

At Driving Force Group, we are driven by three simple facts: All people deserve to be treated equally, all people are not treated equally, we should all do our part to leave the world more equitable than we found it.

Our clients come to us with a desire to make an impact on the world around them. We listen to their heart and balance their ideas with best practices to create impactful work. Each new initiative is shaped by intensive research, data analysis, and the guidance of key community stakeholders to ensure we develop strategies that work in both the short and long term.

The cornerstone of Driving Force Group is our P.E.E.R.S (Partnerships, Effective, Efficient, Replicable, Sustainable) model of philanthropy, which is focused on developing charitable initiatives that have long-term sustainable impact.

Driving Force Group is the fiscal sponsor for many charitable initiatives including Yetunde Price Resource Center (YPRC), Raise the Barr (RTB), Torrey Smith Family Fund, (TSFF), James Anderson Fund, Serena Williams Funds, and the Williams Sisters Fund. and the Talbert Memorial Fund.

The Yetunde Price Resource Center, was established in honor of its namesake, a victim of senseless gun violence, to ensure that those affected by violence either directly or indirectly, have access to resources to help them heal emotionally, physically and financially.

Huddle Up, is a Driving Force Group program in partnership with the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, that recognizes the painful reality that young, black men in America have to overcome tremendous obstacles just to make it to the same starting line as their peers. Huddle Up starts early, focusing on community and school engagement for boys in grades K-3, in order to target the black male achievement gap at its root. By bringing together leaders in the school, law enforcement, and parenting communities to honestly assess conditions, Huddle Up is able to promote policies and programs that lift up black males and help put an end to those that hold them back. The ultimate goal is to create the sense of trust, hope, well-being and belonging that each and every student deserves. DFG received a three-year $1.7 million grant from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation to implement Huddle Up.

Please DO NOT CALL office about open positions. Email stephanie@drivingforcegroup.org with your cover letter and resume.