Shnat Kehila

About Us

"Shnat Kehila" is a Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI) program, which was formed in order to integrate young Jewish people from the Diaspora (tourists or new immigrants) into the community, experiencing the daily life and broad social interaction led by Young Communities throughout Israel.

The "Young Community" is a way of life. This is not a program, which lasts for a specific period of time, such as a study year or academic degree studies' period, but a special program in which young people decide to form a cooperative group and long-lasting community.

These young people choose to live permanently in Israel's peripheral regions, conduct joint communal lives, which are reflected in evenings spent together in study and cultural activities, celebrating the holidays and Shabbat eve together, and more. The uniqueness of these groups is their social contribution in shaping Israeli society.

Young Communities permanently work to initiate and operate projects for the community and they see their contribution to the community as a way of life.

These young people, living in Young Communities, believe in this joint way of life, as an opportunity for personal and national fulfillment. They make an immediate daily influence on thousands of children, youth and adults living in Israel's periphery.

The "Shnat Kehila" program was put together following the success and broad influence of the activities of members of Young Communities throughout Israel and with the desire to integrate Jews from overseas into these unique activities, in order to broaden even further the impact of these communities.

The "Shnat Kehila" program seeks young men and women from the Diaspora who are looking for a path towards "Tikun Olam" (improving the world) and influencing the face of Israeli society.

The program invites young Jewish people from overseas (tourists and new immigrants) to explore Israel, not only to tour the geographical length and breath of the country through trips, tours and studying, but also to experience Israel through daily social life and endeavors, and by residing outside of the major cities and through cooperation with "Sabras" - native -born Israelis.

The program invites young people aged 23-35 to join up for a period of 10 months, of living and contributing to the community together with members of Israel's Young Communities.

The communities are located throughout Israel - in the north and south of the country and are diverse in character and backgrounds of their members. Each community and its membership are unique in their own way.

Participation in the program includes joint living and activities with the members of the Young Communities, study and experience tours, training and achieving tools for leadership, social entrepreneurship and more.