Pelham Gardens Middle School

  • NY


2545 Gunther Avenue
Room 426
United States

About Us

Pelham Gardens Middle School is the Center for Research, Advocacy, and Forward Thinking. Our purpose is to provide students with an environment that piques their intellectual curiosity and allows them to become divergent and deep thinkers.

Through strong academic and social connections with their peers, staff, and community, students will learn to chart a path for themselves. Our students will be engaged in a continuous cycle of research on topics in which they are personally vested. Students will use research, both in and out of the classroom, to build new knowledge in all areas of study. At PGMS, there will be an emphasis on deep, critical reading and thinking. Students will grow to understand the power of their own words through writing and discourse.

At PGMS, students will obtain the lifelong tools that will allow them to excel in all fields of study and compete on a global level with their peers. Upon graduation, our graduates will have the confidence to learn effectively for the duration of their lives with a full understanding of the transformative power of learning.