Tennessee Housing Development Agency

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About Us

Our Mission:Leading Tennessee Home by creating safe, sound, affordable housing opportunities.

Our History:The Tennessee Housing Development Agency (THDA) was established by the Tennessee General Assembly in 1973:

"In order to promote the production of more affordable new housing units for very low, low and moderate income individuals and families in the state, to promote the preservation and rehabilitation of existing housing units for such persons, and to bring greater stability to the residential construction industry and related industries so as to assure a steady flow of production of new housing units…"

Our Goals:Identified as one of the basic human needs, housing has profound impacts, both social and economic, on individuals and communities. Safe, sound, affordable housing is essential to a healthy household, educational achievement, successful employment, and the stability and safety of the neighborhood. Both housing rehabilitation and the construction of new homes generate jobs and income in the community and produce additional tax revenue.

From this understanding Tennessee Housing Development Agency was instituted in 1973. A fresh review in 2006 developed a new vision: Every Tennessean lives in a safe, sound and affordable home in a sustainable community. THDA’s mission is Leading Tennessee Home by creating, safe, sound, affordable housing opportunities. THDA has a broad portfolio of housing assistance programs and is vigorously developing a network of industry and municipal partners for their delivery. Customer Service is more than a watchword, it is a daily effort.

At the center of THDA’s work is the family of one, two and usually more members. Recipient stories energize employees who tally production and staff information booths. Stacks of applications give pause until the image of repaired roofs, stabilized foundations and sheltered people returns. THDA’s balance sheet reveals on-going financial strength, its programs grow through thoughtful creativity and as a result, Tennessee improves through a foundation of safely housed citizens.

The legislation that developed THDA into a housing developer over 30 years ago is found at TCA 13-23-120, but its future is in the innovative endeavors of its Board of Directors and staff.