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231 Market Street
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About Us

Old City Special Services District (OCD) was established by ordinance of Philadelphia City Council in 1998. Its mission is to improve Philadelphia’s historic district as a place for people to meet, work, shop and live by supplementing municipal services with maintenance, public safety, economic development and marketing programs. A complete description of OCD’s programs and accomplishments can be found at www.oldcitydistrict.org.

The Old City neighborhood is comprised of an important collection of assets. America’s most historic square mile includes independence National Historical Park, an international destination which attracts 3.6 million visitors per year. It is also home to world-class museums, theaters and art galleries, excellent hotels, a wide range of dining and nightlife establishments, independent retailers and a diverse mix of technology, media, professional and service organizations. Old City employers range from major institutions to small entrepreneurs, representing a significant segment of the regional economy. As a residential neighborhood Old City housing ranges from apartments and townhomes to contemporary lofts and high end residential condominiums.

The City of Philadelphia recently approved OCD’s five-year plan and budget under which the District will continue to devote resources to deliver services that:

  1. Provide clean and safe public spaces
  2. Expand economic opportunities through business attraction, retention and expansion
  3. Provide marketing and promotional services for Old City and its business community
  4. Provide ongoing improvements to the streetscapes throughout the district

Old City is well positioned as a conduit between Center City and Philadelphia’s Delaware Riverfront, and is ideally situated to benefit from planned development on its borders. The District is poised to utilize its strong financial base, infrastructure and reputation to capitalize on these opportunities.