Institute for Health Professions at Cambria Heights

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207-01 116th Avenue
Cambria Heights
United States

About Us

Mission Statement

The Institute strives to help each student attain an individualized education consistent with the values of leadership, scholarship, and service through building relationships between students, parents, staff, and community partners. Students become artists, historians, scientists, mathematicians, literary scholars, and health care workers by learning to do the work of these disciplines. Collaboration and teamwork are essential elements of an education at The Institute. The faculty works collaboratively to ensure that student needs are being met by constantly learning about the most effective types of instruction and supports to help students meet their learning goals. Students and their families are integral members of The Institute team. Through advisories, students form important relationships with the faculty and play an important role in designing their educational experience.

Our Core Values

Leadership: We believe that leaders are made, not born. Leadership requires us to empower the people around us to achieve their best. Leaders do this by leading by example even when no one is looking, making our personal learning public, and developing strong personal relationships with others.

Scholarship: We believe that learning must take place in context and is driven by more than a person's IQ. We will listen, speak, write, and read like literary scholars, historians, mathematicians, scientists, and artists so that we can make meaning of the world. We recognize that our academic ability is determined by our resilience, grit, conscientiousness, creativity, and focus as much as by our IQ.

Service: We believe that we are a part of a larger community and as such are responsible for making our mark on the world by doing all that we can to make our community, country, and world a better place.