Lawrence Public Schools

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233 Haverhill Street
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About Us

We expect to transform LPS into a system of outstanding individual neighborhood schools, made up of a mix of earned autonomy and proven partner led schools. District systems will support school efforts, empower teacher and administrator leadership, and insist on accountability for results. As schools demonstrate their efficacy, they will earn autonomy over key functions, including resource allocation, staffing, scheduling, and services. Moving towards greater autonomy in schools will enable principals and teachers – those who know what is best for their students– to determine how to allocate time, resources, and people towards increasing student achievement. Students will be engaged in rigorous and effective instruction in every lesson, in every classroom, in every school, every day, propelling them to perform at high levels, reach their full potential, and achieve college and career success. Lawrence will become a model site for the development of best practices in the Commonwealth, and Lawrence schools will learn from each other's strategies and accomplishments.