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About Us

The Infrastructure Corporation of Andhra Pradesh

A free market economy, the availability of a well-educated, English speaking human resources base, the cost-effective services that Andhra Pradesh offers have all been attracting business from other shores. To capitalise on and extend the reach of foreign investment, the State needs to have a strong, competitive, physical and regulatory infrastructure.


The Govt. of Andhra Pradesh created the Infrastructure Corporation of Andhra Pradesh (INCAP) on 31st May, 2005, as part of the Department of Infrastructure and Investment. INCAP was envisaged to expressly increase the pace of infrastructure development by assisting the setting up and development of Private public Participation projects in the State. It is designated to don the roles of a Developer, Advisory and Manager and render a full range of services in every phase of project development, from inception to completion. The Corporation runs in the commercial Format. INCAP will thus enable socioeconomic progress and all round development of the State under PPP route.

To act as a special purpose vehicle constructing different project schemes for the state governments, and other public authorities and to carry on the business of developing, operating maintaining and upgrading infrastructure facilities at different locations and to engage in the activities of development of physical infrastructure.