Pecos County EMS

  • Texas


310 West 5th Street
Fort Stockton
United States

About Us

Pecos County was originally a collaboration of volunteer services, each with their own individual identity. There was Ft. Stockton EMS, Iraan EMS, Imperial EMS and Sheffield EMS, all completely volunteer and founded around 1974. 

In 2002, the City of Ft. Stockton hired 3 full time paramedics and progressed into the combination department era, as a paid/volunteer combination. Those 3 full time employees worked a 12-hour shift from 0600-1800 and were then placed back in volunteer status throughout the night. The call volume in those days were maybe 50 calls a month. It has grown to 200+ calls a month, present day.

In 2008 Pecos County took over ownership of Ft. Stockton EMS and Iraan EMS merging the two into, what is now known as, Pecos County EMS.

Pecos County EMS has grown from the 3 fulltime employees to 28 fulltime employees, a mixture of EMT basics, intermediates and paramedics and 1 part-time employee. Dissolving the volunteer status and at that time went to being available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Pecos County EMS began business with the Mission Statement which states, “The dedicated staff of Pecos County EMS will provide the highest level and quality pre-hospital care to the citizens and visitors of the community.”

Our employees are hardworking dedicated professionals. Working with the mission statement as a driving force within our service, we also strive to live up to the PCEMS Vision Statement which reminds us that, “Pecos County EMS will strive to provide the best pre-hospital care possible. We will make responsible decisions while performing our duties. We will ensure professionalism and good ethical practices are performed to the patients and families we serve.”