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Idealists in Action | July 17, 2020

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Lizzy Cooke

Fun ways to help kids be kids today 🎈
plus, new job opportunities that make a difference.

Hi there,

Volunteering with kids always makes my day. Whether I’m taking them apple picking upstate or to see another Frozen movie, their silliness and their joy always reminds me not to take life too seriously. But the pandemic turned their world upside down, and exposed many to losses that no kid should have to experience. 

So how can we help? Just by being there and helping kids have fun again—the same way they’ve helped us. In fact, studies have shown that kids come out of hardship with resilience when they have nurturing, supportive relationships outside of their family. So let’s step up and help kids be kids again! 🎉

Waving from NYC,


Read a book for the Little Bookworms Story Hour with the animal-loving MSPCA! You can introduce your pet and sing an animal themed song too. 

Teach soccer using FIFA ‘20, the video game! Volunteer with the William Trippley Youth Development Foundation to help kids from all over the world.

Babysit virtually by playing games with kids while their parents are taking an online class or doing homework. Parents stay in the room the whole time.

Mentor high school students for 10 minutes each week by helping them create an online career plan and portfolio. 

In Ohio, Kathleen Russel made her yard into a playground for neighborhood kids, complete with a giant jellyfish sculpture, chalk for drawing on the sidewalk, and hula hoops.

In rural Indonesia, Ria A. Sitohang and the rest of the Ars86care Foundation team has distributed 1000+ Learn from Home Kits to kids. The kits include a backpack, activity books, and more!

In Virginia, a neighborhood held a “birthday brigade” every Sunday for 15+ weeks in a row! It made kids feel special, even when they had to skip their “real” birthday parties this year. 


Chinese Mutual Aid Association is hiring a Career Coach in Chicago, IL.

Greenpeace International is hiring a Digital Marketing Specialist to work in one of several cities.

Snug Harbor Cultural Center and Botanical Garden is hiring an Accountant in Staten Island, NY.

Arab American Association of New York is hiring an Immigration Navigator in Brooklyn, NY.

Time’s Up Now is hiring an Associate Director of Data Analysis to work in New York or Washington, D.C. a whole lot more! Start your own search at 

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Lizzy Cooke profile image

Lizzy Cooke

Lizzy Cooke is the editor of the Idealists in Action newsletter. She also builds the Idealist community through social media and marketing. Outside of work you can find her reading, running, or walking dogs for her local animal shelter in Brooklyn.