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Idealists in Action | September 25, 2020

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Lizzy Cooke

Inspiring quotes about making a difference🌟
plus, new job postings and volunteer opportunities

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I don’t know where I’d be without advice from those I look up to. In fact, from ages 16-21, I kept a quote journal so I could catalog my favorite words of wisdom, and turn to them in tough times. As we work to build a better world, this particular quote from Ruth Bader Ginsburg feels especially important: “Real change, enduring change, happens one step a time.”

Our Idealist community has so many unique insights and stories, so last week, we asked you to share the best advice you’ve ever received. And now, I’m passing on our community’s collective wisdom! I'm also sending volunteer opportunities that can change someone's life, whether it’s by giving advice, mentorship, or air hugs.

In the spirit of mutual generosity and respect, let’s keep helping each other. As another of my favorite quotes goes, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together" (African proverb) 

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"Neither the good times nor the bad last forever. Endure the bad times, they will pass. Enjoy the good times, they will also pass."
- Viki Lee

"A feeling begins with a thought and a thought can be changed."
​​​​​- Louise Hay (author), shared by Stacy Berry

"Before you speak let your words pass through three doors... is it true? Is it necessary? And is it kind?”
- Bernard Meltzer (radio host), shared by Peggy Johnson

"The only regrets in life are the things you don't do... not the mistakes you make."
- Kathleen Russell, drawing inspiration from her mom's wise words

​​​​​Meet this inspiring group of idealists (and many others!) in our global Facebook group! There, you can connect with like-hearted people and team up to change the world 🌎

Teach a free workshop on your passion project! Share your story with the next generation, and give them tips on how to put their best foot forward.

📣 Record an inspirational “Mentor Message” to encourage students to stay in school.

💼 Give career advice in a panel discussion as students prepare to go to college, study a trade, or start their own business. 

💜 Share your parenting wisdom! Create a profile and take requests for your advice on managing stress, finances, and more. 

🎓 Mentor a college student for one year as they study and prepare to give back to their community. 

woman delivering food

Rusiate is an emergency response volunteer with the Fiji Red Cross Society. For other volunteers, Rusiate's advice is to hone communication skills, and to try and make people smile on the job. 

kid smiling

Jenna volunteers with the Green Pastures Sanctuary in Australia. For those looking for a volunteer opportunity, Jenna’s advice is to find something that’s not just enjoyable, but something that fits your sense of purpose and gives you meaning.

man donating blood

Ashley Currie is a high school biology teacher at Transit Tech in Brooklyn, NY. In times of technology trouble, she reminds students that "we're all in the same boat, experiencing and sometimes failing (and that's okay) at this new way of being online together.”

woman in jester hat

Jack Bornstein (known as Poppy to his grandkids) is 99 years old, and his incredible story includes fighting in the Battle of the Bulge and liberating a concentration camp. He reminds his grandchildren that relationships, and love, matter so much more than objects.

PEN America is hiring a Program Director in New York, NY. 

Neighborhood Bike Works is hiring a Youth Program Instructor in Philadelphia, PA. 

Define American is hiring a Communications Director in Los Angeles, CA.

LGBT Community Center is hiring a Government Affairs Project Associate in New York, NY. 

UpRoot Colorado is hiring for its Farm & Food Mobile Workforce in Boulder, CO. 

Homeless Garden Project is hiring a Training and Education Supervisor in Santa Cruz, CA. a whole lot more! Start your own search at

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Lizzy Cooke

Lizzy Cooke is the editor of the Idealists in Action newsletter. She also builds the Idealist community through social media and marketing. Outside of work you can find her reading, running, or walking dogs for her local animal shelter in Brooklyn.