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Idealists in Action | May 1, 2020

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Lizzy Cooke

Proof - Introducing the ‘Idealists in Action’ newsletter!
Opportunities to make a difference and jobs that help others
Hi there!

I hope this newsletter finds you safe and well. I’m Lizzy, and I’m so excited to share the first edition of our Idealists in Action newsletter! Even though times are tough, we’re more united than ever. So we’ve launched this newsletter to celebrate those taking action to help others right now.

This email popped into your inbox out of the blue,  so let me share a little background! If you’re like me, you’ve been staying inside, watching the news and sometimes struggling to keep your head up. But for every bit of bad news that I read, I see inspiring stories of people taking action. What used to be a regular day on the job, like restocking food or treating patients, has now become an act of courage and generosity on the front lines.

And it's not just the frontline workers! People everywhere have been going out of their way to help others. Countless mutual aid groups have formed and volunteering is up 288% in New York City. We want to recognize all this wonderful generosity, so every week we'll be sending you emails with uplifting news of people banding together, opportunities to make a difference, and jobs that help others.

If this isn't your thing, no worries! You can unsubscribe here. But if you choose to stay, we hope this newsletter makes your day just a little bit brighter ☀️


1. Photos of Switzerland's Matterhorn mountain being lit up with different country's flags to show support and unity

2. Vietnam setting up "rice ATM's" to provide free food for everyone

3. Hotels and dorms offering free rooms to doctors, keeping families safe

4. This mutual aid group in Brooklyn quickly growing from a few members to over 900

5. My neighbor playing her trumpet out the window at 7:00 p.m. to thank healthcare workers. I wish I had a photo to share, because it was magical! 

Your turn! What's been bringing you joy? Send me your stories at  📬

Trumpet played with love

1. Mutual aid groups continue to grow in neighborhoods, giving everyone access to supplies like food and medicine 

2. Organizations show their staff extra kindness and empathy. You never know what someone is going through, so it's best to be compassionate.

3. We keep our hearts and homes open to pets in shelters. When lockdowns started,  some shelters saw all their pets get adopted!

4. We continue volunteering to help the hungry

5. We keep curbing carbon emission levels. This is just the beginning of a cleaner Earth.

Plant growing from a hand

Veronica Morales, a fashion designer in NYC, made masks for healthcare workers. Here, she shares her easy, 4-step method so you can make your own! 
Deborah Koenigsberger runs the nonprofit Hearts of Gold, and she's been spending her days gathering donations of toilet paper and soap for women in need. 
Seth Bornstein of "It's in Queens" gets ready to deliver free and delicious hot meals to the hardworking staff at Elmhurst Hospital in Queens, a facility that has been hit especially hard.
Lisa Geyser and her sons set up a "kindness table" outside their house. They refill it with snacks and cleaning supplies every morning (pre-sanitized), and their neighbors add to it too!

Wiki Education is hiring a software developer in San Francisco.

The Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls is hiring a Finance and Operations Manager to work in Brooklyn or work remotely.

The National Immigration Forum is hiring a Field and Constituencies Associate in Washington, D.C.

The Central Park Conservancy is hiring a Director of Prospect Research in New York. 

Step Up Louisiana is hiring a Coronavirus Job Loss Response Organizer to work in New Orleans or remotely.

StoryCorps is hiring a Production Assistant,  and Director of Individual Giving in Brooklyn.

plus a whole lot more! Start your own search at 

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Lizzy Cooke

Lizzy Cooke is the editor of the Idealists in Action newsletter. She also builds the Idealist community through social media and marketing. Outside of work you can find her reading, running, or walking dogs for her local animal shelter in Brooklyn.