A Positive Tomorrow, Inc.

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About Us

After publicly  coming out on YouTube as being HIV+, Tanner became a role model for people young and old living with HIV and those affected by the virus . As a public figure, and a role model within the HIV community, Tanner became a focal point for individuals, no matter how long they had been affected by HIV, to reach out to and ask for support dealing with this virus both directly and indirectly. After seeing both first hand and through talking with others about the lack of education and the stigma of living with HIV, Tanner decided to found A Positive Tomorrow. Since November of 2012, A Positive Tomorrow has been educating the public and striving to end the stigma, as well as to provide a support network for anyone affected by the virus.

Our mission is to educate the public on the harmful effects of HIV Stigma and Discrimination while providing mentorship and support to the HIV positive community and their families.

Our vision is of people infected with HIV living their lives free of discrimination and stigma; without undue pressure and ridicule from uninfected people due to ignorance on HIV 
transmission, testing, and treatment. 

Current Programs
  •  Coming Together For A Positive Tomorrow
    •  A closed Facebook group for members to interact with other individuals affected by HIV
  • Living HIV Positive
    • A series of blogs written by various volunteers sharing their experiences, words of encouragement, and news on HIV and AIDS
  • We Are Not Alone
    • An online area for HIV positive individuals to share their story on HIV in an effort to allow the world to know that we are not alone