Eastern Horizons

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630 Drake Avenue
Marin City
United States

About Us

Our students are selected because of their great potential and willingness to grow and change. The Eastern Horizons’ goal is to give our students a chance to have meaningful experiences outside of their neighborhoods, while also providing them with academic support, guidance and mentoring during the school year.

Each student is provided with a full scholarship to Camps Indian and Forest Acres in Maine. Indian and Forest Acres are traditional seven-week boys’ and girls’ camps founded in 1923. The camps provide an incredibly nurturing, fun and supportive environment. Our students are encouraged to continue at the camps through age 17. This incredible summer experience is coupled with a comprehensive year-round program in which students are provided academic support and tutoring, a full SAT preparation course and college counseling. In addition to enhancing the academic engagement of students, we also strive to enrich their relationships with each other in order to build a strong and supportive group. We have monthly meals, hiking trips, day trips within the Bay Area and other social activities. In addition, Eastern Horizons provides guidance to all students in both group and individual settings.

These experiences give Eastern Horizons students the confidence and skills to succeed in life. We are empowering these young people so that one day they can give back to themselves, their families and their communities.