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About Us

Health disparity means that people of color are living sicker and dying younger than they should. This does not need to happen!

Bronx Health REACH is a coalition which recognizes that our communities are only going to become healthier if we work together to eliminate racial and ethnic health disparities through efforts to improve health care, bring about environmental change, provide health education, and encourage changes in legislation and policy.

The Coalition includes people and organizations from all walks of life. It is an important hub of community social connection. It is an innovative way of bringing about personal change, policy change and community change through social networking. It is where better health, better health care, reductions in heart disease and diabetes begin. It will be the permanent end to health disparity.

Our unique approach starts by understanding underlying causes of health inequity. Next, it defines community-driven solutions. Finally, it mobilizes the community to effect those solutions. This approach spans change in policy, regulation, practice and behavior. It has brought diverse community leaders and residents, businesses, educators, and health providers together. It has created powerful connections between and among community members. These connections have created many opportunities to educate the community about how to take charge of system change and how to advocate and act on behalf of their personal health and well being. From a public health perspective, this approach is well-supported by field-proven social-ecological models of health promotion.

In addition we provide funds and technical assistance to other community coalitions with proposals to address health disparities in their communities. To learn about our Legacy Projects, visit us on the web.

To learn more visit us at or follow us on Twitter: BxHealthReach