Social Venture Partners (SVP) Boston

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71 Commercial Street, #139
United States

About Us

A powerful model for giving, Social Venture Partners fuels nonprofit success by connecting smart people who volunteer their mind power, money, and time with Boston’s most promising nonprofits.


Social Venture Partners carefully selects small and mid-sized nonprofits having extraordinary impact and with the potential to have much more. As we infuse them with greatly needed resources, they grow to serve more low-income children and families in Boston and beyond with programs that truly work.


While nonprofits struggle to find financial and human resources, Boston is full of generous individuals and corporations eager to volunteer their hard-earned skills and make a real difference. Social Venture Partners bridges the divide, making the empowering connections that help nonprofits grow.


Selecting Boston’s most promising nonprofits through a rigorous, competitive due diligence process, we typically support 6 nonprofits a year. Over three years, each nonprofit receives $75,000 to 100,000 in general operating grants. More importantly, however, we bring a deep bench of caring, skilled professionals -- volunteers who provide pro bono consulting on our nonprofits’ most critical business challenges.