Jabez Foundation

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About Us

MISSION: To support the under privileged, abandoned,neglected,vulnerable and rescued through capacity building,education,economic empowerment to the guardians,care givers and environment conservation.
VISION: Reaching the less fortunate, underprivileged and the minority communities through talent search and innovation, CT Technical Center, the organic food bank for value chain entrepreneurship and solar powered irrigation kit pilot project through capacity  and economic empowerment for the rural communities.
  1. Supporting 1800 underprivileged children piloting program through education, CT technical centre, and provision of basic needs, scholastic materials, and sanitary pads for the adolescents, mentorship program for young talents for future inheritance, establishment of sports Academy centre to nurture the youth forthcoming talents, economic empowerment of the house hold through selected outstanding caregivers.
  2. Supporting The Organic Food Banking for Value Chain Entrepreneurship to benefit and empower 3850 small scale farmers and 1800 underprivileged children In 9 Sub-Counties within Bungoma County as a piloting sustainable strategy after the exit of Global Giving by 2018.