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About Us

Mission Statement M.I.N.O.R.T is a non-profit organization with an emphasis in restoring our youth for tomorrow to enable them to become positive leaders in their communities. M.I.N.O.R.T invests time, patience, love, compassion, understanding, encouragement, skills and knowledge in our youth. This allows each youth to see outside of their present situation in order to move forward in a world that is full of positive opportunities. This requires the right attitude and knowledge in order to obtain a positive future. Our youth are our future leaders, if we believe in them then they will begin to believe in themselves.

Our Goal at M.I.N.O.R.T is to make a big impact in the urban communities by starting with increasing our youths talents, leadership skills, strengths and turning their weak points into powerful ones so that they will move forward in the right direction. We understand that every child has a vision and a dream and that some dreams are crushed due to the lack of hope, faith and support.

No child ever wakes up and says, I want to be a drug dealer, gang member, prostitute or drug addict. Unfortunately, these situations take place most of the times due to peer pressure and/or the lack of love and guidance in their lives. M.I.N.O.R.T will help each youth to acknowledge some hidden talents within themselves in order to move forward from a negative situation into a positive one. Our motto is, if you believe you can achieve, you can achieve what you believe. It starts with us first because it’s up to the adults to believe in our youth so that they can begin to believe in themselves in order to be our great leaders of tomorrow.