Office of Research and Sponsored Programs, Brooklyn College

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About Us

The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP) assists faculty and staff in securing external funding from public and private sources for research, training, curriculum and program development.

ORSP’s main functions involve the review, institutional approval, and submission of proposals to government and private agencies. ORSP works with faculty and staff in the development of proposals, their submission and their subsequent management. ORSP is staffed by Grants Specialists knowledgeable about funding opportunities in a wide range of academic fields and experienced in dealing with public and private not-for-profit sponsors. Grants Specialists assist faculty in identifying appropriate potential sponsors, interpreting guidelines, developing budgets, and fulfilling application requirements. ORSP regularly notifies faculty of grant opportunities tailored to their specific interests. During the proposal preparation process, ORSP provides grant applicants with the necessary application forms, verifies submission requirements, and provides needed institutional information. We offer extensive support in the proposal development process in terms of tailoring the proposal to address sponsor guidelines. The ORSP publishes a newsletter that includes information on grant opportunities and informs faculty about upcoming grant deadlines and potential funding sources and related information. ORSP serves as the liaison between the college and its fiscal agent for grant and contract awards, the Research Foundation (RF) of the City University of New York. The RF is responsible for ensuring that each grant awarded is spent according to awarding agency’s guidelines. Hiring of grant-related personnel, purchasing, and travel payments are all processed by the Research Foundation. The ORSP assists Principal Investigators (PI) with RF paperwork and procedures. ORSP creates a wide variety of statistical reports on grant activity and captures data to analyze trends.