(Futuro Es Hoy) FEH -Foundation

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About Us

Our mission is to teach values to young kids through sports. Values such as team work, discipline, self-esteem and tolerance are required to repair our current society, and team sports are a perfect method to transfer this knowledge to the kids, while they have fun!

We have witnessed how great teenagers turn into violent criminals because of the lack of education and job opportunities. W have seen how poverty and oppression result in the lack of future for many of us. In today's society, we seem to have forgotten the real values that make us human, we have replaced humanitarian thinking with vanity, sex, violence, drugs and money obsession.What kind of legacy are we leaving to our younger generations? Are these the "values" we want to teach them? We refuse to accept that.

FEH-Foundation has already kicked off its activities in Caracas, Venezuela, and we are planing to extend now to New York city. Furthermore, we will soon start analyzing how to spread the mission throught multiple countries in Latinamerica.

Please join us to build this organization, let's help kids discover the values that will reconstruct their confidence and hope!

The Future I Today (Futuro Es Hoy)