World Broadband Foundation

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About Us

1) The foundation's primary purpose is to develop and administer the World Broadband Map which aims to be 100% crowdsourced from actual active connections whenever possible and not from "advertised" speeds or availability. Key elements include : - broadband availability, caps, censorship and speeds of any location in the world. At both a macro/country and region level as well as micro street level details. - Quick "At a glance" comparison of this information around the world with problem areas highlighted (such as lack of availability or dearth of competition) as well as favourable areas. - "executive summary" of regional developments and news. i.e. legislative changes, infrastructure investments, anti competitive behaviour. - "report card" of providers, service history (positive and negative) and types of service available.

2) The foundation recognizes that a global perspective is key and essential. Therefore, the foundation also exists as a network of member organizations of citizen/consumer run advocacy and watchdog groups worldwide as well as "good citizen" ISP's that are not just providing a service but are forward thinking, civically minded and dedicated to advancing infrastructure forward with the customer's best interests first . In addition to our own advocacy, fact finding and research we also encourage member organizations to network and share each other's challenges and solutions. The standards of broadband around the world today have diverged widely and an "assumed standard" can no longer be taken for granted.

3) Assistance in raising and providing funding for deployment of broadband in economically disadvantaged areas including those of low population density or community broadband projects in monopolised areas aka. "broadband of last resort". Funding can also be allocated for the purpose of advocacy/civic action by member organizations.

Core Beliefs

  • This foundation is a firm and unequivocal believer in net neutrality and in freedom of access and speech.
  • While speed is an important metric, usage caps and metering are even more important considerations in choosing where to locate and which service to choose.. Usage Based Billing may have it's place in some situations i.e. low income communities, but not at the expense of flat rate/unlimited options or at the exclusion of other business models.
  • Broadband is not just a technology investment but an economic investment that will not just affect property values but also affect the productivity and economic strength of any region or country
  • Wired and Wireless broadband are both essential and complements of each other but at the time of writing, we focus on wired broadband as wireless is not yet a dependable replacement for wired instrastructure.