Institute for Rural Community Services

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United Kingdom

About Us

Our History

Institute for Rural Community Service (IRCS) was formed with the shared understanding and vision of Subash Chellaiah, and Ruth Subash. IRCS UK is a small charity and it not registered with the charitable commission. IRCS will be registered in the near future as soon as the organisation fulfils its requirement.IRCS aims to use virtually all the money we raise to support the project in India through Institute for Rural Community service ( the moment IRCS does not have any paid staff. All the work is done by a very small volunteer committee.

Our Vision

Our vision is to help to create a harmonious society in which the community feels empowered to address and improve their own health, education and economic development in a sustainable way

Our Mission

Our mission is to build this harmonious society in which the whole community can live free from discrimination, built on equality, where each and every child no matter what race creed or colour will have the same exact rights. All children will have the same rights with parents working closely with their children to build bridges so that they each learn the cultures of others belief systems and hold everyone in high esteem. We will teach in favour of educational, social, economical and political empowerment, thus enabling the community to initiate the process of change towards a better quality of life for everyone.

Our Approach

Our approach is to support and start projects that respond directly to local needs in semi-rural areas. We aim to ensure that the community is involved and participates in the creation and development of our projects.