Richmond Teacher Residency

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About Us

Richmond Teacher Residency (RTR) is an urban graduate teacher residency program to equip residents to teach in Richmond Public Schools (RPS) as a special education teacher, K-12, or as a secondary education teacher, grades 6-12. The goal of the program is to close the student achievement gap, curb urban teacher attrition rates and address economic educational disparities by preparing outstanding urban teachers. Students earn a Master of Teaching (M.T.) or a Master of Education (M.Ed) degree through Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) leading to a Virginia teaching license.

Residents earn a $24K stipend for the residency year leading to full time employment as RPS teachers with a starting salary of $46,761 after a successful residency year. RTR has a 100% placement rate.

RTR takes the guess work out of teacher prep by bringing the theory behind urban teaching to life in the classroom. Students serve in Richmond Public Schools (RPS) alongside of a RPS master teacher while earning their graduate degrees. Further, they are coached for an additional two years after the residency year. In year five, leadership support is provided for National Board Certification.

RTR is a partnership between Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond City Public Schools and the Center for Teacher Leadership at the VCU School of Education.

Special preference for Fall selection is October 24, 2016. National Service Alumni are encouraged to apply. To kick start the process, send an unofficial transcript to  You can apply through the website at

Want more than a job? Teach for change and lift of the city from inside the classroom.